Her name will be Dahlia

I asked [redacted] the other day what she wanted her name to be. We were out walking the Dog of Destiny at the time, and she stopped walking and turned to me and said, “What?”

It was an idea I had been turning around in my head. I explained that I wanted to maintain a fig leaf of anonymity in writing this blog, and I enumerated several semi-coherent reasons why. She listened, even feigned interest.

In summation, I told her it’s better this way. At the very least, she wouldn’t have to worry about me embarrassing her or writing something that would upset someone we care about (or something like that).

And then there was a pause, a beat or two, and she asked, “Well, do you actually think that’s going to be a problem?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “It’s a travel blog. It’s not really what I’m going for. But you know, it is me we’re talking about.”

She considered this for a second or two, and then she decided her name would be Dahlia.

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